Counseling and Therapeutic Services

In our darkest moments it is difficult to see any light. If you feel hopeless and alone, when you think that no one understands what you’re going through or that you have nowhere to turn, remember that we are here. We’re here to see you through the process of getting your true self back and triumphing over your darkest, most difficult days.

Child, Adolescent, and Family Services

One of the most important things we as adults can do for children is to become models of what we want them to be. There is no greater investment in our community than in its children. Maintaining a safe, healthy, happy child is harder today than it has ever been.
Together, we’ll make it easier.

Adult Services

Life can easily get overwhelming.
For people struggling with addiction or mental illness or who have a family member or friend whom they’ve watched suffer, sometimes it can seem too much to bear. We will meet you on whichever step to recovery you are on and we’ll hold your hand all the way up.