Some Gándara Family commemorations: below are some noteworthy work anniversaries of employees at the agency in the month of June.

20 Years
Kimberly Ritter, Maple STARR (Springfield)

15 Years
Betty Zamudio, Patterson Residential (Springfield)

10 Years
Chris Ezzo, CSA/CBHI, and Intensive Family Support Services
Omar Irizarry, CSA Services (Holyoke/Springfield)
Lismel Luciano, CRS Community Support
Priscilla Seibles, Holyoke STARR

5 Years
Misty Cameron, Alternative Options (Chicopee)
Emily English, Supportive Housing
Anthony Grandoit, Fort Pleasant (Springfield)
Lydia Lorenzano, Mooreland STARR (Springfield)
Kelia Santiago, CSA Services (Holyoke/Springfield)
Xiomara Torres, Norman Street (West Springfield)

Congratulations everyone!