Avanzando! Enhanced Residential Rehabilitation Services

We are now accepting referrals for our Avanzando! Enhanced Residential Rehabilitation Services and we will soon be admitting residents.

Avanzando! will treat women 18 and older who are experiencing co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders (SUD).

The 20-bed program will provide direct linkage to mental health clinical services and SUD treatment in a single setting by the same treatment team, as well as onsite Medically Assisted Treatment, a dedicated point person to facilitate referrals, and daily oversight by a certified peer recovery coach and mental health clinical supervisors.

Bilingual peer recovery coaches who have been trained by the state’s Bureau of Substance Abuse Services will be on hand to meet with recoverees who have been identified as priority by a clinical team due to a recent overdose and/or detox admission. Every recovery coach will begin an immediate partnership in a coaching relationship with each participant, consult with the clinical staff (clinicians, counselors, and nurses) on the most important concerns for the recoveree—and work with her to make a realistic next-step plan for ongoing support. This plan includes how to stay in contact, when and where the next meeting will be, and other stops to make along the way to community reengagement.

Avanzando!’s staff/clinical team will have the capacity to connect with outside community supports—as well as to communicate concerns, ideas, and recommendations in a multidisciplinary setting. Participants will have social skill-building opportunities as a pathway to achieving long-term recovery and well-being.

Recoverees will benefit from evidence-based strategies geared specifically toward their needs, along with their strengths—and those of their families. Our treatment includes traditional and holistic therapies that will allow each recoveree to develop skills to manage their unique needs and challenges.

Post-partum care will also be offered, with treatment during and after pregnancy. Motherhood suites will be available for mothers and their infants.

Location: Ludlow

Contact: (413) 266-4093, Fax: (413) 579-5948

Referral: Open