Family Support and Training

Family Support and Training – This structured, one-on-one relationship is focused on helping parents/caregivers of youth with SED address the youth’s emotional and behavioral needs. The service is provided in the youth’s residence (home, foster or therapeutic foster home, or other community settings) and is based on the youth’s treatment plan. The program assists parents/caregivers in navigating youth care systems such as DCF, education, mental health, juvenile justice, etc. It helps them find parent and self-help groups, and training, coaching and support programs for parents/caregivers. It also helps them identify formal and community resources like after-school programs, food assistance, summer camps, etc.

Admission Requirements: Youth must be referred by ICC, In-Home Therapy, or an outpatient provider, or working with a provider or ICC Care Planning Team (CPT), have a CANS clinical condition that warrants services. See above for further eligibility and restrictions.