On August 16 Western Mass News interviewed Deb Flynn-Gonzalez, program director for Gándara Center’s Hope for Holyoke, about the implications of the mass overdose in New Haven on August 15 and 16. Read the story and view the segment here.

At least 99 people overdosed on or around the New Haven Green after taking K2, a synthetic marijuana, which was suspected to be laced with opioids—and some reports saying PCP. In the following days Hope for Holyoke made sure to talk about the incident with everyone who came in for their recovery sessions.

The story pointed out that since the rash of overdoses made national headlines it had potential to impact people in recovery for addiction. “With a story like this out in the news it can be triggering for people, so it’s important for you to be able to talk about that,” said Flynn Gonzalez.

The story also noted that when news broke Wednesday that there were multiple overdoses in New Haven, the Gándara Center put out a Facebook post detailing K2 overdose symptoms.

Hope for Holyoke

Hope for Holyoke offers free, no-insurance-needed services including relapse prevention and tobacco cessation support groups, social events, access to computers for job readiness/job search activities, and advocacy and recovery coaching. Support also includes peer governance where participants form advisory boards and use community meetings to create policies such as Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, and determine program activities such as peer support groups and participation in health fairs, community events and celebrations/holidays.

All paths to recovery are accepted. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Parents may bring adolescents or children to the center if they follow the center’s policy related to supervision and attendance. Members who come under the influence of substances or alcohol are given a choice to go for treatment or they will be asked to leave and come back when they are not under the influence.

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