The Gándara Center is dedicated to providing mental health and substance use treatment services to the most vulnerable populations in Massachusetts. We know that without hundreds of employees who work for Gándara across the state, we wouldn’t achieve the long lasting recovery and community engagement that have been the hallmark of us and our clientele. So we came up with #GandaraAtWork.

We want to introduce you to our staff. They’re the ones who work tirelessly to promote the Gándara mission. In these short videos, you’ll meet staffers from our facilities statewide to get a sense of who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

In our inaugural episode, say hello to Dianna. Dianna joined Gándara last year and is the HR receptionist at our administrative office in West Springfield. If you ever visit the admin office, Dianna is always the first to welcome you in with her warm and vibrant personality.

Take a moment to get to know Dianna. We’ll be back every week with more employees for you to meet and stories to share