We’re joined for #GandaraAtWork Episode 5 by Mark Huntington, the director of training at the Gándara Center.

Mark brings enthusiasm, energy, and good humor to his role. As the director of training, he’s tasked with ensuring the safety and security of both staff and clients alike. This includes hosting activities like sessions on how to administer CPR, approaches to de-escalation, and general crisis management.

With almost 30-years of experience in the field, Mark is accustomed to working in high-stress situations. He’s spent time working with inner-city youth gangs, Green Berets, State Police, and corrections officers; suffice it to say, Mark  is used to intensity.

Over the years, he’s developed techniques to help identify problematic situations and best approaches for response. It’s not an exact science but science does come into play: when an issue occurs, Mark calculates how an individual neurologically processes a situation and then he uses a bit of intuition to cool everyone and everything down.

Outside of Gándara, Mark is passionate about arts and culture. But don’t take my word for it. We’ll let Mark take it from here: