It’s fitting that the interview for #GandaraAtWork Episode 6 was conducted in our Outpatient Clinic’s activity room. Mats and exercise balls were set neatly against the wall. The space is open with almost panorama windows for plenty of light. In this domain, Edgardo and Natalie do some of their health and wellness work.

At first the duo seems an unlikely pair: straight up, Natalie admits to once being a couch potato; Edgardo mentions his affinity for working out and training others at his gym nearby. Together, though, they provide enthusiasm and energy for clients in Springfield, in revel in the joy it brings them.

Health and wellness is about more than just fitness. It’s about community engagement, too. Edgardo and Natalie enjoy bringing clients outdoors or to the YMCA, and the clients enjoy it all the more.

Meet Edgardo and Natalie, and stay tuned for more Gándara staff profiles as part of the #GandaraAtWork series.