gandaracenter Gándara Center

Gándara Center is a nonprofit company that promotes the well-being of Hispanics, African-Americans and other culturally diverse populations through innovative, culturally competent behavioral health, prevention and educations services.

Direct Care 2 for Substance Use


Gándara Center is looking for a dependable, committed, positive and motivated person like you to become part of their team.

The Department of Public Health is in need of a Direct Care Staff for their substance use residential program.

The Direct Care 2 Staff will help clients through their recovery by managing their cases, providing counseling, provide treatment planning and coordinate their services.

The Direct Care 2 will work 40 hours a week and will work one day in the weekend.



EDUCATION for Direct Care 2

  • High School Diploma


  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferred)


EXPERIENCE for Direct Care 2

  • In treatment planning
  • In coordination services



  • Comprehensive understanding of substance addiction and recovery
  • Bilingual / Bi-cultural (Spanish/English)
  • Knowledge in treatment modalities in a residential setting
  • Be familiar with local recovery community
  • Possess case-management skills
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Be competent in use of computers
  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of substance addiction and recovery (REQUIRED)
  • Possess a valid MA Driver’s License
  • Possess a reliable vehicle and be open to use it for work to transport clients or provide other supportive services as necessary
  • Must be able to pass a Criminal Offender Record Information process
  • Be dependable, committed and motivated



  • Assure that applicable rules, policies and procedures are being followed on their shifts
  • Implement each client’s individual Level Plan objectives, under the direction of the Clinical Supervisor an Program Supervisor
  • Case Management and case presentation
  • Provide assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Service coordination for clients
  • Discharge planning
  • Client counseling
  • Provide appropriate, safe responses to emergency situations, when necessary
  • Develop strong, supportive relationships with the clients and employees
  • Provide for client care and safety, and observe all safety measures
  • Recognize that ethnic and cultural diversity of each individual must be valued and respected
  • Access, plan and implement crisis interventions with clients
  • Notify Program Director Immediately in the event of a client crisis, suspected illegal activity or any behavior constituting an incident in the program


BENEFITS for Direct Care 2

  • Retirement Plan 403(b)
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Vacation



24 hours a week; one day a weekend