Gándara Center, a leader in culturally sensitive behavioral healthcare and Substance Use Disorder treatment, announced the official opening of a local bilingual pharmacy to assist the agency and its clients with their needs. Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy marked its grand opening with a ribbon cutting on September 17 at Gándara’s Outpatient Clinic, 2155 Main Street, Springfield.

Gándara Center’s patients, as well as its clinicians, are able to get prescriptions quickly and easily at this unique on-site pharmacy, which offers services specifically tailored to the agency’s multicultural clientele.

Being on-site allows their pharmacy staff to work closely with Gándara’s prescribers and caseworkers to provide the best possible care to those struggling with behavioral health conditions. Personalized bilingual and bicultural services help ensure compliance with patient treatment plans.

The North End in Springfield is a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood where Gándara Center was first established in 1977 to advocate for culturally competent services to the underserved.

Genoa Healthcare is the most experienced pharmacy provider specializing in the behavioral health community. Although it is a national company, it has retained the feel of a hometown pharmacy and the services that go along with it.

Madeline Aviles-Hernandez (pictured below), Gándara Center’s director of outpatient and recovery services, said bilingual services help ensure clients’ access to their medicine and address their questions and concerns. “All of our clinical staff are bilingual, our clinicians are bilingual, and we have medical assistants that are bilingual,” she said. “We make sure that our population resembles the population that we serve.”

Kevin O’Connell, director of operations for New England at Genoa Healthcare, said that his company has 477 pharmacies across the country all located inside community health centers and their clients have a 90 percent medication adherence rate. “This adherence rate is crucial for patients staying out of emergency rooms,” he said.

Pictured above: (L-R) Gándara Director of Marketing and Fund Development Jade Rivera-McFarlin; Genoa Site Development Director Garton Poe; Kevin O’Connell, Genoa’s Director of Operations for New England; Genoa Regional VP Jason Kan; and Gándara Chief Operations Officer Jeff McGeary.

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Below: Genoa Pharmacist Angelo DiGuglielmo