Outreach Services

Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) – Specialized Community Service Agency (S-CSA)

Gandara is the only Specialized Hispanic Community Service Agency in the state. The CSA division provides flexible, family-driven, wraparound services for children and teens experiencing serious emotional disturbances and their families. A qualified bilingual care-planning team works with the family unit in the home as best to support the child while respecting the family’s values, beliefs and         socioeconomic status.

Services available in Boston, Brockton, Dorchester, Fitchburg, Holyoke, Springfield and New Bedford

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

Gandara Center specializes in providing a variety of bilingual, bicultural services to youth with serious emotional disturbances (SED) and their families using a wraparound approach. Services focus on developing skills and natural community supports to reduce crises and the need for hospitalization.

Admission Requirements: Youth must be under 21 years of age, be enrolled in MassHealth Common or Standard, and meet diagnosis and guidelines for serious emotional disturbance. Youth being discharged from a hospital/residential facility may be enrolled within 180 days of discharge.

Family Support and Training

Family Support and Training – This structured, one-on-one relationship is focused on helping parents/caregivers of youth with SED address the youth’s emotional and behavioral needs. The service is provided in the youth’s residence (home, foster or therapeutic foster home, or other community settings) and is based on the youth’s treatment plan. The program assists parents/caregivers in navigating youth care systems such as DCF, education, mental health, juvenile justice, etc. It helps them find parent and self-help groups, and training, coaching and support programs for parents/caregivers. It also helps them identify formal and community resources like after-school programs, food assistance, summer camps, etc.

Admission Requirements: Youth must be referred by ICC, In-Home Therapy, or an outpatient provider, or working with a provider or ICC Care Planning Team (CPT), have a CANS clinical condition that warrants services. See above for further eligibility and restrictions.


A group of adolescents/young adults provide their thoughts and ideas on the residential and behavioral health system designed to help youth and family services. Meetings held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Location: 120 Maple Street, Springfield, MA, 01105
Contact: Kristine Rodriguez, krodriguez@gandaracenter.org, 413-846-0445  x 465

Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic Mentoring – Mentors develop structured, one-to-one, supportive relationship with youth to address daily living, social, and communication needs. The support is based on the behavioral health treatment plan developed by the provider in partnership with the family and youth, or on the Individual Care Plan (ICP) for youth with ICC. Support is provided at the youth’s residence or other community setting such as school, child care centers, respite, or a culturally/linguistically appropriate community setting. Services include: training, coaching and supporting the youth in age-appropriate behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution and in relating appropriately to other youth and adults in recreational and social activities. Youth learn to navigate various social situations, learn new skills and make functional progress. The mentor offers supervision of these interactions and engages the youth in discussions about strategies for effective handling of peer interactions. Exclusions: Youth who display behavior that may pose an imminent risk to harm self or others, or who require a more intensive service beyond community-based intervention.

Location: 120 Maple St, Springfield, MA, 01105 and 255 High St. Holyoke, MA, 01040
Springfield/Holyoke Intake: 413-322-7380 Ext. 330

1544 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury, MA, 02119
Boston Intake: 857-366-7040 Ext. 514

142 Crescent St., Brockton MA, 02302
Southeast/Brockton/Taunton/New Bedford/Fall River Intake: 508-232-6670 Ext. 525

Taunton/New Bedford/Fall River
376 Nash Road New Bedford, MA 02746 Intake: 774-406-4620

In-Home Behavioral Services

Services are delivered by one or more professional and paraprofessional staff who offer a combination of medically necessary Behavior Management Therapy and Behavior Management Monitoring. This program is used when less intensive behavioral interventions do not reduce/eliminate a youth’s problem behavior(s) or do not increase/maintain desirable behavior(s).

Admission Requirements: when clinical evaluation suggests that the youth’s clinical condition, level of functioning, and intensity of need require a specific structure and positive behavioral supports to successfully support a youth in the home and community.


Location: 120 Maple St, Springfield, MA, 01055 and 255 High St. Holyoke, MA, 01040

Springfield/Holyoke Intake: 413-846-0445 x483

Roxbury/ Dorchester
Location: 1544 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury MA, 02119

Intake: Roxbury/Dorchester 857-366-7040  x559

Taunton/New Bedford/Fall River

Location: 376 Nash Road New Bedford, MA 02746

Taunton/New Bedford/Fall River Intake: 774-406-4620

Behavior Management Therapy

This service is designed to treat challenging behaviors that interfere with the youth’s successful functioning. Services include behavioral assessment (including observing the youth’s behavior and predictors of behaviors, and identifying motivators), and development of a highly specific behavior treatment plan and risk management/safety plan; supervision and coordination of interventions; and training others who work with the individual to address specific behavioral objectives or performance goals.

Behavior Management Monitoring: This service includes implementing the behavior treatment plan, monitoring the youth’s behavior, reinforcing use of the plan by parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s), and reporting the youth’s progress to the behavior management therapist. Phone contact and consultation may be provided as part of the intervention.

In-Home Therapy Services

Designed to increase the family’s ability to support the healthy functioning of a youth within the family, home, and community. The In-Home Therapy team is made up of practitioner(s), family, and youth. Together they develop a treatment plan to address issues specific to the youth and family. Intervention techniques are designed to help in the following ways: solve problems, set limits, manage risk, communicate, build skills to strengthen the family, and improve ways of interacting with others. In addition, the practitioner helps the family identify and use community resources and develop a support system to maintain progress. Services are provided in the youth’s natural settings.

Admissions Requirements: CANS assessment to determine the service needed; outpatient services alone will not meet the youth’s or family’s clinical needs; caregivers’ voluntarily agree to participate and guardian gives consent.

Location: 120 Maple St, Springfield, MA, 01105 and 255 High St. Holyoke, MA, 01040
Springfield Intake: 413-846-0445 Ext. 476
Holyoke Intake – 413-322-7380 Ext. 330

Location: 100 Franklin Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420
Intake- 978-503-7520 Ext. 296

1544 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury, MA, 02119
Boston Intake: 857-366-7040 Ext. 514

142 Crescent St., Brockton MA, 02302
Intake – 508-232-6670 Ext. 525

Taunton/New Bedford/Fall River
376 Nash Road New Bedford, MA 02780
Intake – 774-406-4620