Residential Recovery Homes

Gandara Residential Services for Women (GRSW)

30 person women’s recovery program using Matrix Model format for group process. Focus on behavior modification techniques and modalities with positive reinforcement. Addiction is viewed as an effort to self medicate and staff adhere to the addiction disease model and establish a working alliance with participants to motivate and assist them in creating positive behavioral changes and commit to learning skills that support a life of sobriety. Average length of stay 6-12 months. (9-12 months optimum)

Referral: Open
Insurance: Funded by the Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
Eligibility: Women, 18+ years, with co-occurring disorder. Two slots available for pregnant/postpartum women.
Average length of stay: 6-12 months (9-12 months optimum) Open Referral- community provider or self-referred
Location: 507 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA, 01040
Contact: Moana Rawlins,, 413-540-9881 Fax: 413-540-9884

Hairston House

Social Model recovery program for men. Focuses on individual responsibility and peer support as the basis for substance abuse recovery. Uses behavior modification techniques and modalities with positive reinforcement. 17 bed facility.

Eligibility: male, 18+ and willing to take responsibility for developing and maintaining an individualized service plan, and to assume responsibility for house expectations and following Social Model Guidelines.

Average length of stay: 3- 6 months
Open Referral- acute treatment services, homeless shelters, substance abuse outpatient centers, or self
Location: 25 Graves Avenue, Northampton, MA, 01060
Contact: Daniel McCarthy, 413-585-8390

Gandara Addiction Recovery Program (GARP)

Long-term residential recovery treatment program for Spanish speaking men with a dependency on alcohol and drugs. 42-bed facility. Average length of stay is 6-12 months.

Eligibility: male, 18 + years, MA resident, Spanish speaking and have a history of drug/alcohol dependence but currently abstinent from drugs/alcohol.

Open Referral-community organizations, Dept. of Corrections, hospital detox units, or self
Location: 29-33 Arch Street Springfield, MA, 01107
Contact: Estelle Santiago, 413-781-2234 x 304

Summer Street House

Provides a sober living opportunity for individuals committed to communal living in an environment where they voluntarily agree to abstain from the use of alcohol and illicit drugs as a condition of their participations in the life and operation of the house. Follows National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR) guidelines. Governed by rules and agreements established by residents in conjunction with Gandara Center representatives.

Location: 18 Summer Street Northampton, MA, 01060
Contact: Wayne Gates 413-585-8390 to schedule pre-admission assessment and interview

Maple House

Permanent supportive housing with case management for 6 individuals in recovery from substance abuse. Shared housing in a 2-floor duplex, 3-individual bedrooms and shared common area. Close proximity to services, transportation, and recovery supports.

Eligibility: Homeless men and women, at least 18 years old, minimum 6 months drug/alcohol free, demonstrated commitment to recovery and sober living

Location: 15-17 Maple Avenue, Northampton, MA, 01060
Contact: Daniel McCarthy 413-585-8390

Gandara Esperanza Woman’s TSS

The Transitional Support Services (TSS) model is short-term residential program for women who need further stabilization and intensive case management after detox or for women that may be coming from a public shelter that were recently in detox or a higher level care. All admissions will be assessed for medical and psychiatric stability and determined to participate in this programming model and level of care.

The primary role of the TSS is to provide 24 hour, structure, supportive and a safe environment for up to 30 women. During their stay the residents will be engaged in intensive case management, structured psycho-education and a recovery oriented milieu management.

Gandara Esparanza Women’s TSS expects to achieve the following:

  • Assist the women to remain substance free
  • Provide priority access to pregnant women
  • Provide after care planning and placement for those that need it, and those that wish to remain in a long-term treatment.

Residents will be provided transportation 7 days a week, community health facilities and community based self-help programs in addition to required court appearances and to interviews with Next Step treatment facilities. Nursing staff will be available on the unit for at least 4 hours, 7 days a week.

Location: 91 E. Mountain Rd. Westfield, MA 01085
Contact: 413-729-4250